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Century Project Cargo Sous Terrain

Cargo Sous Terrain is a joint-stock company based in Basel, founded with the aim to build an underground tunnel system in Switzerland. The innovative, sustainable logistics system meets the market needs with state-of-the-art automated technology. Key industry representatives are involved in the stock corporation and actively participate in the solution concept.

In its meeting on 28 October 2020, the Federal Council approved the dispatch on the Federal Act on Underground Freight Transport (UGüTG) for the attention of the Federal Assembly. This brings implementation a major step closer. This law regulates the planning, construction and operation of an underground freight logistics infrastructure.

From the point of view of CST, it is necessary to define more precisely the corridors for the underground line management and the spaces for possible hub locations in the sectoral plan of the Confederation.

Please read the media release of Cargo sous terrain AG of 28 October 2020


CST is an overall logistics system that allows goods to be transported from source to sink. It is intended to house pallets and other containers, and be suitable for both the supply of fresh goods and goods, as well as for the disposal of waste and recycling. In the cities, city logistics takes over the fine distribution. In addition, the use of renewable energies is planned for the operation of CST. 

The overall logistics system comprises three components:

  • Tunnel system between urban agglomerations and logistics centers
  • Efficient and low-emission urban fine-tuning (city logistics) with state-of-the-art means of transport
  • Seamlessly integrated IT solution for fully automated operation

All financing is provided by the private sector. ANTRIMON Group AG is part of the most visionary project through Gotthard 3 Mechatronic Solutions AG and invests from Switzerland for Switzerland in this century project.

With CST, Switzerland will be able to receive an automated, digitally controlled overall logistics system by 2045, which will favor the competitiveness of the economy and the quality of life in the long term. It relieves the strain on roads and rails and ensures precise and timely delivery through hubs in all cities. From 2030, the first section of the tunnel system will connect the logistics hub Härkingen-Niederbipp with Zurich. The network will range from Geneva to St. Gallen and from Basel to Lucerne, with a complementary branch from Bern to Thun, and will fully serve over 80 hubs for loading and unloading goods.

Such an infrastructure project of this size needs appropriate resources. Initial projects include IP protection (patents, etc.), energy management, as well as vehicles and mechatronics. ANTRIMON is strongly involved in all these areas. In the field of energy management, the project has now started. The newly organized Strategic Business Unit Project Management Office (PMO) of ANTRIMON Group AG is responsible for the smooth handling of complex projects of this size.

Caption: The delegation of Cargo sous terrain with Federal Minister Leuthard on 23-01-2018:
Fabrice Zumbrunnen (Migros), Stefan Schimon (Gotthard 3/Antrimon), Daniel Wiener (CST), Peter Sutterlüti (CST), Bundesrätin Doris Leuthard, Marco Rosso (Meridiam), Jianzhong Guan (Dagong), Dieter Bambauer (PostLogistics), Amir Nayeri (Meridiam), Joos Sutter (Coop)

Learn in this quick movie how Cargo Sous Terrain works 


Cargo sous terrain connects industrial and logistics centers with cities through an underground tunnel

The Cargo sous terrain complete logistics system will be from Geneva to St. Gallen and  from Basel to Lucerne.

The first section of Cargo sous terrain will be operational in 2030.